Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Design Indaba

This was my stand at the Design Indaba. I kept it really clean and simple as I did not want my display to attract away from the jewellery. For my wall, I displayed all my 'half earrings' in frames with pictures of people wearing the earrings next to it. I displayed all the rest of my work inside the showcase on different size rubiks cubes and perspex. While setting up my display, I was a little worried about it being too simple because some of the other displays were very busy but I ended up getting good comments on it from different people so I was happy.

Having my jewellery on display was such a great opportunity to chat to different people about my work and was also good to see which pieces were the most popular. I was happy to see that the jewellery that everyone seemed to comment on most was all my new work such as my half earrings, square resin rings and the square heart earrings which I had just made a few days before the expo. This helped me feel a little more confident about my work as I now feel that I am heading in the right direction.

Because my work has such a young playful feel to it, it attracted a lot of the younger school children. The problem is that all the younger people don't really have the money to spend on jewellery. It has been something that has been bothering me for a while, because I don't really want to change my style of jewellery but at the same time I want it to appeal to a wider market. It is definitely something that I have to think about but for the moment I will carry on making the jewellery that I like and what makes me happy! =)

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Romy said...

Fantastic idea to use the rubic cubes.