Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old School........

I really liked the way my platinum earrings turned out, so this week I am going to try make of range of both earrings and rings focusing on the same concept of the platinum earrings and my lucky bean jewellery, using domes. Like with my platinum earrings I am going to be working more with perpex, which I quite enjoyed using and like my lucky bean jewellery, I am going to use resin but am going to try find different things to capture instead of the lucky beans.

I also want to find a way to uses images in this same range. I have been looking at some 'old school' cartoons to use that most people would recognise, because I generally always seem to stick to my same dragon ball z or manga images. I feel that by using older cartoons, my jewellery might appeal to more people as the images used will bring back memories of childhood. I know that I was getting so excited by just looking up these images on the net, so I hope when people see these images in my jewellery, they will get just as happy.


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Chris said...

Hey Jadi ... where on earth did you find these nice pics? ... CHris