Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In need of some inspiration......

I know I have not blogged for over a month but after my exhibition I took a break from tech, which ended up making me feel quite uninspired to start up again. The exhibition went really well and I was happy with the way my stuff turned out, but as it was over I felt that I had no ideas left and that I needed to start something new. I decided to take a break from manufacturing and rather look for
things that inspire me. I found this
artist, ' Mark Dean Veca' on mocoloco, who I think is really amazing. These 2 pictures are from his new exhibition 'Imbroglio' that has just opened at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, and is a 17 piece installation of paintings on panel. I love his use of recognisable pop culture images that he uses in his work, like Betty Boop and Super Mario. I think they are the reason I like his work so much, because I know that even in my own work, I love to use images that I know people will recognise.

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