Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kiln baking

I really liked the idea of the edible cupcake ring that I made for Redeye last week and I definately want to make more of them.

One problem that I have is that I've got a very tiny oven at home that is not ideal for baking in, so whenever I do need to bake it becomes a bit of a mission. I decided to try give the kiln at my tech a try as I found out that it can be set to an exact temperature. I went in early this morning, set it to 180 degrees and started baking! I was very happy when it all worked out fine so now I will be able to bake more delicious things and soon have a much bigger range of edible jewellery!

I made the cupcakes very plain because I was just testing to see that it all worked but I have recently brought quite a lot of new exciting baking tools so I cant wait to get started!

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