Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mette Klarskov Larsen

I know that I haven't posted much on my own work lately but I have been busy researching other jewellers that I feel relate in some way or another to my own own. I have spent many hours on the internet and in the library but I think it has been worth while because I have found lots of interesting jewellers out there which I will be posting up during the next week or so.

I am gona start off with Mette Klarskov Larsen even though the way she talks about and sees her work is quite different to the way in which I am looking at it.

I am trying to look at the different ways in which a piece of jewellery can be considered playful and one of these include the jewellery being interactive. These rings to me would fall under that category. By interactive jewellery I mean jewellery that one can actually 'play' with. The heart is only formed once the 2 rings are put together and this is something similar to what I was doing with my half heart and star earrings at the bottom.

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