Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My training begins........

While watching the comrades marathon on tv earlier this year I decided that it was something that I really wanted to to do so that following week I decided to start my training. I started off running around the Stella sports field in the afternoons and at the start was only able to run 3 times round which then slowly progressed to about 8. Once I had reached that point I decided to rather try and join the Stella athletics club so that I would have other people to run with, and would no longer just have to run around a field. The people at the club were really great and encouraging and before I knew it I was able to run 10km with them.

This last weekend I ran my first half marathon (21km) so I finally feel as though I am getting somewhere. I know that 21km is still a long way off from the 89km of the comrades, but I am very motivated and I am sure with alot more training and dedication I will eventually get there!!!

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