Friday, October 10, 2008

Half hearts....

So I finally solved my resin problem! Turns out there wasn't actually a problem with the resin but rather with the way I was using it. My problem before was that the resin was starting to pull away from the walls and starting to crack so I thought there was a problem with the resin that I was using but what I realised was that I actually need to make grooves in the metal so that the resin could hold better. I made my grooves with a undercutting burr all along the inside walls of the earrings and also made sure that the metal was very clean before pouring my resin in and it seems to have worked so I am very very happy!!! =)

Since I have now solved my problem, I can finally start making some more jewellery. I would like to make a few pieces with this idea of only once the 2 halves are put together, can u then see the picture. I have already started making a second pair of earrings where when u put them together, they form a star, but separately they just look like very abstract shapes.

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